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I try to keep everything 100% DBSK but there are times when I reblog random things.


I love you Junsu 03/∞

YH: Junsu eats ice cream in a very weird way, very differently from others. He always eats with his tongue sticking out

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excuse me sir do you have a permit for those eyes

excuse me sir do you have a permit for those eyes

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an ancient proverb among Cassies (via dbskism)

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"Rock is music where voices cracking and singing off-key aren’t a big deal. That’s what I like about it. That’s freedom. I can’t fully express in words the feeling of letting all your stress go by hitting those high notes. Happiness, sorrow, despair. You are only free when you’re able to express all these emotions through the sound of rock music"
Kim Jaejoong, Esquire Magazine 2013 (by dongbangdata)

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Oh, Changmin… (*/∇\*)

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"If there is Jaejoongie, I am invisible to my father."
Eru on Jaejoong’s relationship with his father, Tae Jin Ah. [x] (via yjaey)

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. One rule: no skipping. Pass this on to 10 people!

  1. Andante - Super Junior
  2. Chu Chu Chu - B1A4
  3. Hate U, Love U - Super Junior
  4. Dream - TVXQ
  5. Can You Be My Girlfriend? - TVXQ
  6. Butterfly - Jaejoong
  7. Love U Hate U - 2AM ft. Bangtan Boyz
  8. You & Me - Super Junior M
  9. No Reason - Junsu
  10. Haru Haru [Acoustic] - Big Bang

Food: Mexican
Drink: Coffee
Book: Percy Jackson Series/Heros of Olympus
TV Shows: I don’t really watch American TV shows anymore but I sometimes watch American Horror Story, and Mob Wives

Subject: Math

Actor: YOOCHUN <333, Robert Downey Jr.
Actress: Don’t have one

Siblings: One older sister and a dog (which i count as my brother lol)
Dream job: TVXQ/JYJ coordinator or make up artist so i can look at them all the time
Travel Fears: Getting lost then getting kidnapped
Religion: Catholic
Tattoos: Don’t have annyy.
Piercings: One on each ear

Languages: English and I can understand Tagalog

16 things that make me happy!

  1. Family
  3. Kpop Merch
  4. $$$$$
  5. Volunteering
  6. My Dog
  7. My Cellphone
  8. Tumblr
  10. Friends
  11. Cheap Things
  12. Running Man
  13. Anime
  14. Music
  15. Anons
  16. GUYSSS

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i wonder if i have male followers

you’re all female until you come up to me and say otherwise though tbh js

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Will there ever be a super junior poster that I wont have to feel embarrassed trying to explain to outsiders

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